As a West-Africa specialist for Ro-Ro and Containers we can offer most destinations all over the world. Some of the destinations we offer on regular basis and can be quoted directly. Other destinations, in the far corners of the world, needs some research to find a shipping possibility and we think it’s a challenge to find that solution for you. We are distinguished by providing the best service in our industry in combination with fair rates. We offer a shipping solutions for all kinds of equipment, from containers to Flat racks, from a small car to a very big and heavy machine.

We are your Global Shipping partner.

Check out “waivers” for more information about African destinations which need a waiver document (also known as: ECTN, CTN, ICTN , BIETC, ENS, FERI, CEE, BSC, BESC.) we can help you with that.

For a quotation, departures or find out more about this particular destination. click in the index below on the port of destination you are interested in.