We can help you ship you cargo, roro or container,  all over Africa. We offer almost each coast country with a roro possibility and/or a container option. With many departures each week from loading ports all over Europe we are your Africa specialist. For a quotation, departures or find out more about your particular destination. Klick in the index below on the port of destination you are interested in.

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Africa is the next to Asia the largest continent in the world and offers a lot of opportunities for trading, import and export. Lagos in Nigeria is the biggest city in Africa with approximately 21 million people, followed by Caïro/Egypt and Kinshasa/Congo. With 54 independent countries and many different cultures Africa offers many possibilities. Unfortunately Africa also have a very large population group living in poverty and in risk, facing hunger, diseases and death every day. Let us all  never forget that these people need help in providing medicine, food, water, schools, etc. We support a different charity every year but you can help too! by doing a donation to one of the many charities and/or foundations.