Image: Malabo / Equatorial Guinea

Malabo & Bata Equatorial Guinea


Grimaldi Lines Agents in Equatorial Guinea:

Deltamar s.a. (Bata)
Ekuku street
Bata Littoral 269
Bata / equatorial Guinea
Phone: 00240333083608

Deltamar s.a. (Malabo)
Carretera aeropuerto km4
Malabo / equatorial Guinea
Phone: 00244333099690

Equatorial Guinea consists of two parts; the mainland (Mbini) and the island (Bioko).We offer shipping solutions to Malabo (capital) on the Island and to Bata on the mainland. Check for possibilities.

Bata is with +/- 230.000 Inhabitants the largest town of Equatorial Guinea. The country itself counts about 1 million people and since 1968 declared independent from Spain.

Oil is export product No.1 Followed by wood.

We offer both destinations on regular basis, check our schedule for more details.


Partnershipping & forwarding b.v.

Tuinstraat 28, 5144 NT Waalwijk
The Netherlands