Image: Ferry from Banjul to Barra

Banjul Gambia

Port agents:

Grimaldi Agency Banjul:

1A Cotton Street
P.O. Box 257

Tel +220 4227 518
Fax +220 4227 929

Gambia is about 250km long and only a few dozen km wide. The Capital is Banjul which is also the most important port of the country.

The major export product in Gambia is peanuts and 25% of the national income currently comes from tourism. Gambia is a beautiful country, but unfortunately it’s one of the weakest economies in the world.

Check our schedule for the Ro-Ro shipping possibilities. Please contact us for any question about your Gambia Shipments.

Very often our customers ship to Dakar/Senegal and bring the cargo in to Gambia by truck or over the road.


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