Need a waiver? We can make them all!”

A Waiver have many names: CTN, ECTN, BESC, BIETC, ENS, BSC, CEE, FERI, ICTN. It’s nothing more than a document being used by local customs to control the import of goods. It helps customs to properly monitor what is being imported in to the country. It is obligated to be issued in the port of loading by shipper or its Forwarder. In Some countries, when cargo arrived without this waiver document, goods may not enter the country. Making a waiver required a lot of time and paperwork. We are able to create your waiver from any European loading port to each waiver required country in Africa.

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Please note: waivers can only be made after receiving all required documents from the shipper/supplier. Waivers are based on shippers documents and his requests. We cannot be helt responsable for wrong/false information on waivers or needed documents. When waiver is validated it cannot be corrected! it must be completely redone, all cost involved are for shippers account. Since validation of the waivers usually takes place in country of destination it will take some time between your request and final (validated) waiver, of course we will always arrange it a.s.a.p.